How to: Cook Salmon

August 6, 2023
30 Min Prep
How to: Cook Salmon

Cooking salmon is child's play for us coast and island dwellers, right?  Not necessarily. Many of us find cooking up this glorious fish a bit intimidating. Will it be too dry? Is it undercooked? Skin or no skin? Well, here are a few tips for serving up a perfectly cooked salmon.


Quality fresh salmon


Preheat a neutral cooking oil on medium-high heat
A hot cooking surface sears the flesh and seals the flavours in. Neutral flavoured cooking oils like grapeseed or avocado oil allow the taste of the fish to take centre stage. Heat until shimmering.

Cook your salmon on its skin side only
The layer of fat between the skin and flesh acts as a heat regulator, allowing the fish to cook evenly. Cooking the flesh side often results in overcooked and unattractive fish. Lay your fillet skin-side down and press on it with a spatula for a bit to prevent the skin from curling up.

Let the salmon cook undisturbed
Allow the fish to gently cook until almost completely done—generally 6-8 minutes. For thicker fillets, lower the heat until the centre reaches your preferred temperature. The flesh should flake easily and be cooked to  recommended temperature of 145 °F.

Flash sear the flesh side before serving
Flip the fillets and flash sear for 15 seconds before serving. Allow the fish to rest for five to ten minutes, lightly covered.