Future Cures Coalition - Local Grocers Breaking Down Cancer

November 7, 2021

It's the final weekend to make your donations to the BC Cancer Foundation ! You can donate at any of our stores or on the BC Cancer Foundation website.It's been a pleasure and a privilege to work on this initiative with fellow coalition partners and community leaders Country Grocer, Fairway Markets, Quality Foods, Thrifty Foods, and 49th Parallel Grocery!****Thanks to CHEK News for helping spread the word!

CHEK Upside: Grocers come together for B.C. Cancer Foundation Fundraiser

November 5, 2021Cole SorensonAt the Admirals Rd. Thrifty Foods, there’s a meeting of the competing grocers.It all started with Dean Clarke. Clarke is a part-owner and shareholder in Tru Value Foods, as well as a prostate cancer survivor. So when the B.C. Cancer Foundation launched a campaign to raise money to bring PSMA-PET imaging to Vancouver Island, he hatched a plan for a fundraiser.“The grocery industry contacts so many people that I thought jeez we might be able to use the industry as leverage to get the message out about PSMA-PET,” says Clarke.The new screening method helps doctors detect prostate cancer at its earliest stage, allowing for quicker treatment.“We’re able to understand exactly where that cancer’s hiding for prostate cancer,” says B.C. Cancer Foundation Vancouver Island executive director William Litchfield.“So what would’ve taken many doses, sometimes in excess of 40 doses, will now be down to five doses or less of radiation.”The campaign has a $500,000 goal with the hopes of bringing a clinic to Victoria.“We’ll be able to do 400 guys there and next year we’re going to try and put one in Kelowna so that we can get this technology out there,” says Clarke.“It’s just a real game-changer in cancer treatment and diagnosis.”The fundraiser has also been a rare chance for grocers on the island to come together for a common cause.“Even though it’s for a serious cause it’s nice to see everybody and get in person and get together,” says Country Grocer’s Craig Cavin.The Future Cures Coalition wraps up its campaign Monday Nov. 8th. To make a donation visit the B.C. Cancer Foundation website.

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